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Kent Drops No.67 For Hernia Homoeopathic Medicine

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Aurum met C200-D200. Aesculus C200-D200. Cocculus C200 – D200. Morphin C200 – D200. Nux vomica C200-D200. Pituitrinum C200-D-200. Sulphor C200-D200.

Hernia of various origins. Increased pressure of abdomen. Muscle weakness and straining. With activity such as exercise, coughing, lifting and straining. The pressure with in the abdomen icreases as a result more abdominal contents tend to push through the hernia defect and the bulge gradually increase in size. Pain may also occur as a result of irritation of or damage to area nerves as a result of the hernia and its contents pushing into or pinching the nerves. This too may cause localized pain. As the bulge increases, this pain t tends to be more intense, sharp and severe. Burning, stinging and raw sensation pain. As a result of strangulation, because of a lack of blood and oxygen the tissue will progressively die. This may in addition to causing localized pain. Discomfort in the scrotum of men or the lobia of women on the back, upper leg ans hi area. If the intestinea is blocked within the hernia and normal flow of food contents and sub sequently feces is blocked the patient may develop cpnstipation. if the bladder becomes entrapped within a hernia, urinary symptoms such as hesitancy, frequency, urinary burning, frequent infections, bladder stones, may all occur.’

Generally take 10 drops with some water, 3 times daily/ as per physician suggestion.

Available in 30 ml drops packing.

Store at normal room temperature. Keep out of reach of children. If symptoms persist, consult your physician.

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